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On-Site Logistics

All wellsite operators have some form of logistics to dictate how their operations flow daily. But not all of them are optimized to reduce inefficiencies, protect the environment and account for safety threats.

When incorporated into your horizontal wellsite supply chain, Aqua Prop’s streamlined sand and logistics services lead to faster loading and offloading, reduced truck traffic and more on-site storage and equipment reliability.

  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Enhancing safety
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Reducing non-productive time or standby time
  • Less truck demurrage
  • Limited daily truck congestion
  • Faster loading and offloading
  • Less moving parts
  • Maximizing load weights
  • Improved workflow

Give Your Team Greater Efficiency and Improved Wellsite Safety

Relying on traditional pneumatic or sand box trucks for frac sand delivery creates inefficiencies. Having a wet sand logistics professional in your corner helps you recognize critical areas of concern, identify best practices and determine where you should invest. By providing the sand and the means to load it and offload it quickly — where you need it — we help take your wellsite solutions to the next level.

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