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The people at Aqua Prop have spent decades finding solutions for every challenge the oil and gas industry could throw our way. The next logical step was to pioneer a better way to manage operations and set a new  industry standard. We help operators pivot away from outdated, complex, inefficient and unsafe dry sand operations and toward how the work should be done.

Through innovative technologies and game-changing customer support, we eradicated common challenges, which have been holding wellsite operators back for decades.

Why Work With Us:
  • We are fast, responsive and committed to providing elite wellsite solutions.
  • Our field technicians have experience across the supply chain.
  • We’ve perfected the filtering process, so you always have clean, non-contaminated wet sand.
  • Our ESG strategies are second to none.
  • We get sand down the hole faster so you can do your job faster.

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Sit back and enjoy a job site that looks and functions like a well-oiled machine.

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